The Academy Orchestra brings past and current Academy cadets together to create the necessary experiences of performing in an orchestra as part of the learning experience. It is our intention to programme performances by the Academy Orchestra within the Symphony Seasons in the next year.

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The future of the JPO is intimately woven with the future of classical and orchestral music in South Africa.To this end, in order to ensure its future sustainability and transformation, the JPO is actively involved in education and development programmes, playing its part in developing an appreciation of classical music for all generations to come – across all ages, races and people of South Africa.

The JPO Academy is a training facility established in 2008 to offer opportunity to young musicians who would like to pursue a career in orchestral/solo playing in South Africa. Places are awarded to students of good ability (determined through an audition process) who would otherwise not be able to further their studies. The Academy awards funds for tuition, accommodation and examination fees to successful candidates.


Apart from receiving regular tuition in the specific field chosen, cadets receive a monthly ‘master class’ from an orchestra principal, and are provided with opportunities to play alongside the JPO when proficient.  Cadets are also required to perform in the school out-reach programme, engaging with young learners, to encourage interest in classical music. Although the Education Concert programmes have been somewhat infrequent in the recent past, we intend to revitalize this essential element of our role to educate and share.